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The Icebox Acquires High Street Promotions
From Marketwise
February 2009

In a move that joins two Atlanta-based companies, The Icebox (asi/229395) has acquired High Street Promotions (asi/225059). Financial terms of the deal were not disclosed. “We’re very excited to have High Street under our umbrella now,” says Jordy Gamson, president and CEO of The Icebox.

Several High Street employees, including CEO Cary Romanoff, will join the staff at The Icebox. Annual revenues at High Street totaled roughly $1 million. “I’m incredibly humbled to join forces with such a trend-setting organization like The Icebox,” says Romanoff. “Over the years, we’ve admired a handful of competitors who share High Street’s values. The Icebox has always sat on top of that list.”

Clients of The Icebox include Gold’s Gym, The American Cancer Society and Verizon Wireless. The Icebox, founded in 2001, employs 30 people. Its annual revenues reach $11 million, and the company was named a Counselor Best Place to Work last year. As the head of a growing operation, Gamson says he’s open-minded about more acquisitions in the near future. “If the right situation presents itself, we’ll do it,” he says.

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