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Get timely tips, case studies and more information about the rapidly growing eco-friendly market.

SOI 2013 - Eco Status Quo

Distributors continue to sell category that may have seen its peak.

FTC Strengthens Green Marketing Guidelines

Consumer advocacy groups hopeful updates will reduce greenwashing.

Sense and Sustainability

Apparel suppliers are spearheading socially-conscious initiatives to protect people and the planet.

Sustainability Index Set To Launch

The Sustainable Apparel Coalition is on the cusp of releasing its sustainability rating tool.

Six Myths About Going Green

Generally, consumers are aware of the need to conserve our natural resources and to reduce the wasteful exploitation of our valuable energy supply.

Court Upholds Plastic Bag Ban

California Supreme Court ruling could stand to be a significant loss for the Save the Plastic Bag Coalition.

Los Angeles Plastic Bag Ban Takes Effect

A crackdown on plastic bags could spell good news for West Coast distributors.

CA City Enacts Plastic Bag Ban

Impacts shoppers in Santa Monica, CA.

Coalition Aims To Make Apparel Industry 'Greener'

Includes companies like Walmart, Target, J.C. Penney.

FTC Revises Eco Marketing Guidelines

Releases changes to long-standing marketing rules.

Activist Group Product Testing Leads To Recall

Wegman's bags to be replaced.

CA Senate Rejects Bag Ban

Had the support of Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger.

FTC Proposes New Green Marketing Rules

Effort to protect against exaggerated ad claims.

FTC to Regulate Greenwashing

To regulate how marketers use words like recyclable and biodegradable.

Unearthing Facts

What's helpful and what's harmful when it comes to eco-friendly apparel? We present 21 little known facts to clear the air.

Eco Expansion

Exclusive online education session shows distributors how they can profit from selling eco-friendly.

Staking A Claim

Apparel suppliers today cite advanced eco-friendly properties in their clothing and marketing.

Stitches Cheat Sheet: Bamboo

How eco-friendly is bamboo apparel? Find out in this video.

Stitches Cheat Sheet: Recycled Polyester

Can you screen print on recycled polyester? Find out in this video.

Ca. Assembly Passes Plastic Bag Ban

Stores would be prohibited from offering customers plastic bags.

Geiger Goes Green In Scottsdale

Eco-friendly open house draws nearly 200 clients and prospects.

Eco-Friendly Explained

Here's what you need to know about being green.

Green Item Promotes Eco-Friendly Vodka

Earth Friendly Distilling Company backs up their name.

Is Green Marketing Still Red-Hot?

Many experts agree that green is losing steam.

Recycled Polyester

Is recycled polyester really eco-friendly? Answers to this question and more.


Why is bamboo considered eco-friendly? Answers to this, and more!

Green Lifestyle In Action

Creative director of Canada supplier gets pleasant surprise at a baseball game.

More Than Going Green

How to run an eco-friendly business and communicate your efforts to your clients.

FTC Cracks Down on Greenwashing

4 charged with deceptively marketing products as eco-friendly.

Beware Of Greenwashing

Here are some tips to ensure the products you're getting from suppliers are Green.

Making A Difference

Here are a few tips to help distributors get started in Green.

Hot Trend: Green is the New Black

Ad specialty companies are increasingly greening their operations.

Lightbulb Mailer Sheds Light on Green Marketing

Distributor ecopromos mails out 1,000 CFL lightbulbs.

Video: Eco Products

The latest eco-friendly promo products, as shown on The Joe Show.

Reusable Bag Use Triples

Whole Foods reports reusable bags popular one year after eliminating plastic shopping bags.

Green Guide

Here's some insight on how to separate what's truly green from what's no more than the color green.

Greener Selling

Clients demand more now than just an organic cotton T-shirt. Here's how to give it to them.

Video: Green Apparel Trend

From the ASI Show Dallas, expert tips on how to capitalize on green.

The Path to Righteousness

When it comes to green goods, some firms only pay lip service while others actually back it up.

Featured Catalog: The Green Catalog

The only catalog with a conscience!

Cash-Strapped Marketers Shy Away from Green

As budgets tighten, green efforts taking backseat.

Green Is Good

Green your marketing with these 12 new eco-friendly items.

Eco-Apparel Terminology

Here's a basic breakdown of a few key terms for going green.

Eco-Friendly Frenzy

Get tips for finding the right supplier partner for your eco-friendly apparel needs.

Study: Consumers Won't Accept Green Costs

Wallets are often shut when it comes time to go green.

The Green Machine

Here's a showcase of 19 of the latest eco-friendly products available.

What Does Green Really Mean?

Eco-complexity poses certain challenges for salespeople. Here, we sort out the facts.

Green Garment Graphics

We've got 5 tips for choosing eco-friendly decorating methods.

It's Easy to Be Green

Being more eco-friendly can do as much good for your image – and bottom line – as for the planet.

Green is the New Black

Check out 4 case studies on how using green items can help boost a brand.

How to Sell the Value of Green

The green movement has blossomed into big business. But how do you sell it?

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