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Keep up to date on the latest news regarding industry laws and regulations.

New Law Aims To Protect Bangladesh Workers

Allows for creation of unions.

Retailers Sign Bangladesh Safety Pact

Working conditions in the crosshairs.

White House Delays Health Care Law's Employer Mandate

Companies with more than 50 employees affected.

U.S. To Suspend Trade Privileges With Bangladesh

Formal announcement expected to be made.

Dallas Considers Single-Use Plastic Bag Ban

Grocery and drug stores are the targets.

Importer Sentenced After Smuggling Banned Items

Products contained lead and small parts.

California Senate Rejects Statewide Plastic Bag Ban

Defeat marks fifth one since 2010.

Retailer Recalls Children's Water Bottles

H&M has stores in 43 countries .

Alcohol Promotional Ban Scrutinized In Michigan

Act bans use of logoed items where alcohol is served.

FDA Bans BPA In Baby Bottles

But the agency is maintaining its long-held stance that the plastic additive is safe.

Senator Proposes Wear American Act

Proposal follows recent news that U.S. athletes will wear uniforms made in China during Olympics.

Molenaar And CPSC Recall Product

The recalled item is Molenaar's folding step stool.

Supreme Court Upholds Affordable Care Act

U.S. Supreme Court has upheld core parts of sweeping health care reforms found in the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.

Bill Prohibits Further Sunscreen Labeling Delays

Measure is response to last month's unexpected postponement.

Senator Urges Ban Of Toy Magnets

Neodymium magnets could cause death if swallowed.

Obama Campaign Sues Distributor

Suit claims Website is 'Creating Consumer Confusion'.

Toronto Bans Single-Use Plastic Bags

Ban is most sweeping action against plastic bags taken in any Canadian city.

CPSC, Manufacturer Expand Recall

About 880,000 hot/cold gel packs could be hazardous.

China Avoids Currency Manipulator Tag

Decision has fueled sharp criticism from Capitol Hill.

Los Angeles Bans Single-Use Plastic Bags

Becomes largest city in U.S. to ban the bag.

Hawaii Bans Plastic Bags

'This Is Groundbreaking,' Honolulu Mayor Pete Carlisle Told MSNBC.

Judge Upholds Plastic Bag Ban

Rejects arguments made by plastic bag manufacturers who believe the ordinance is unconstitutional.

Supreme Court To Determine Fate Of Health Care Law

For Marv Reineke, the health care law popularly known as “Obamacare” has created confusion and uncertainty.

Senate Passes Crowd-Funding Legislation

Allows entrepreneurs to solicit equity investments from the general public.

FTC Proposes More Online Transparency

Would allow consumers to see data collected about online searching and purchasing habits.

Florida Amends Health Care Gift Ban

Viewed as a victory for the ad specialty industry.

Lunch Totes Face Product Safety Scrutiny

CPSC, in cooperation with California Innovations, has recalled two of the company's food carrier products.

San Francisco Expands Plastic Bag Ban

Now includes hardware stores, gift shops and eventually restaurants.

Officers Banned From Wearing NYPD-Logoed Items

Special permission required to wear NYPD-branded items while off-duty.

CPSC Announces Registry For Small Manufacturers

CPSC launches online registry that will allow for certain third-party testing exemptions.

Seattle Bans Plastic Bags

Seattle City Council unanimously passed a hotly-debated ordinance that bans the single use of plastic bags.

McDonald's Fined $1.8 Million In Brazil For Toy Giveaway

Fast food giant McDonald's is facing a fine of $1.8 million from the government in Sao Paolo.

Supplier Tangled In Labor Dispute

Industry supplier R.S. Owens to negotiate a new contract with the 50 union workers that manufacture its products.

Congress Considers Internet Sales Tax

Just days after Cyber Monday 2011 set a record with $1.25 billion in online purchases.

As Promo Toy Ban Takes Effect, McDonald's Fights Back

In San Francisco, a legally mandated ban on promo toys included with high-calorie meals goes into effect

Footzyrolls Sued By Tootsie Roll Industries

Candymaker alleges 'willful, malicious and fraudulent' branding.

Promo Products Named In Potential Government Cuts

President Barack Obama has signed an order instructing federal agencies to reduce spending in specific areas by a total of 20 percent.

Government Adopts CPSIA Testing Standards

CPSC has formally voted to enact and enforce full provisions of the 2008 Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act.

Regulators Reconsider Food Marketing Guidelines

Federal regulators agree to scale back guidelines intended to limit junk food marketing to kids.

Agency Warns Against Use Of 'Think Pink'

California company is cautioning marketers that the popular term 'Think Pink' is trademarked.

Congress Debates Bill To Pressure China On Yuan Value

Members of U.S. Senate are considering legislation that would place additional taxes on Chinese products.

China Balks At Significant Yuan Appreciation

Chinese officials say they will not allow the yuan to rapidly increase in value against the dollar.

CPSC Plans Education Campaign

The CPSC announces an awareness campaign aimed at smaller manufacturers and sellers of children's products.

Los Angeles Considers Plastic & Paper Bag Ban

Proposed measure is far more sweeping than current laws in cities like San Francisco.

New York Law Extends Child Product Bans

Becomes first state to prohibit the sale of children’s products containing flame retardant chemical TRIS.

Santa Monica Plastic Bag Ban Takes Effect

St. Louis-based Build-A-Bear Workshop has voluntarily recalled nearly 30,000 lapel pins which contain excessive levels of lead.

Bill To Amend CPSIA Becomes Law

President Obama signs a separate bill modifying controversial legislation.

CPSC Recalls Build-A-Bear Pins

St. Louis-based Build-A-Bear Workshop has voluntarily recalled nearly 30,000 lapel pins which contain excessive levels of lead.

Congress Passes Reforms To CPSIA

Congress has passed a law that amends the much-criticized Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act of 2008 (CPSIA).

Court Upholds Plastic Bag Ban

California Supreme Court ruling could stand to be a significant loss for the Save the Plastic Bag Coalition.

Hit And Tervis Tumbler In Legal Dispute

Supplier Hit Promotional Products served with a cease and desist letter from Tervis Tumbler Co., sparking a trademark lawsuit.

CPSC Enacts New Regulations On Children's Apparel

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission has fielded 26 reports of children who have died from drawstrings.

Los Angeles Plastic Bag Ban Takes Effect

A crackdown on plastic bags could spell good news for West Coast distributors.

FDA Issues New Sunscreen Guidelines

U.S. Food and Drug Administration announced new rules for sunscreen testing and labeling.

New Product Safety Rules To Take Effect In Canada

The Canadian Consumer Product Safety Act (CCPSA) took effect June 20.

Bill Would Reduce Tariffs On Performance Apparel

Bipartisan bill introduced in the House of Representatives would reduce tariffs on performance apparel.

California Requirement Riles Apparel Decorators

Apparel decorators outraged that they are being made to register as garment manufacturers.

Distributors Claim Importer Stole Money

Industry distributors have accused unlisted South Carolina-based supplier Import & Export Group LLC of fraud.

House Proposes Bill To Revise CPSIA

The bill would limit some of the lead limits allowable in children's toys.

Legislators Seek Gift Ban Repeal

Pharma gift ban under fire in Massachusetts.

FTC Proposes New Food Marketing Guidelines

Targets how companies can market and sell food products to kids.

Obama Signs 1099 Repeal Into Law

Eliminates reporting provision often criticized as burdensome on small businesses.

Congress Introduces Online Privacy Bills

Urged by President Barack Obama.

CA City Enacts Plastic Bag Ban

Impacts shoppers in Santa Monica, CA.

CPSC Launches Complaint Database

Site gives consumers a place to log safety complaints about specific products.

American Apparel's Charney Faces Lawsuit

A former employee files sexual harassment suit.

House Votes To Repeal New 1099 Rules

Rules burden small businesses.

WorkflowOne Set To Exit Chapter 11

To happen on or about March 2.

CA Promo Ban Concerns Distributors

Gov. Brown bans promo items.

Might Makes Copyright

Decoration and online art world have been turned upside down with claims of abuse.

FTC Recommends Do-Not-Track System

Endorses plan that would let consumers block companies from monitoring their online behaviors.

The Price of Safety

If you make, sell or decorate children's products, you might want to read this.

FTC Revises Eco Marketing Guidelines

Releases changes to long-standing marketing rules.

'Children's Product' Defined

After months of debate, CPSC provides final ruling.

Activist Group Product Testing Leads To Recall

Wegman's bags to be replaced.

CA Senate Rejects Bag Ban

Had the support of Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger.

FTC Proposes New Green Marketing Rules

Effort to protect against exaggerated ad claims.

FTC to Regulate Greenwashing

To regulate how marketers use words like recyclable and biodegradable.

Reversing Field

Embroiderer American Needle took the NFL all the way to the Supreme Court – and won.

Unpaid Labor In The Legislative Crosshairs

Regulators tightening up on how businesses use interns.

Appeals Court Decision Could Add Online Charges

Comcast could slow bandwidth speed.

Ca. Assembly Passes Plastic Bag Ban

To prohibit stores from offering plastic bags.

Health Care Bill Passes With Sunshine Provisions

Provisions to take effect in 2011.

Fed Issues New Gift Card Rules

Dormancy, inactivity and service fees banned.

FDA Bans Tobacco Promotional Products

Restrictions go into effect June 22.

Congress Urges China To Revalue Currency

Could lead to rising industry prices.

New Credit Card Law Takes Effect

New and sweeping credit card rules are now being enforced against issuers.

Senators Introduce Children's Jewelry Legislation

Trying to stop use of cadmium in production.

Supreme Court Removes Campaign Finance Limits

Opens door for limitless political ad spending.

Legal Watch

Between product safety and pharma marketing legislation, the legal winds are changing.

FTC To Regulate Blogs

Bloggers must reveal free gifts, payments received to potentially tout a company or brand.

Ca. Law Allows More Promo Giveaways

Retailers can now offer more promo products to entice beer purchases.

Health Care Bill Passes House

Includes Sunshine Act provision that could affect pharma companies.

Industry Execs Lobby For Health Care Tax Breaks

New tax exemptions tied to incentive programs.

SIGG Cited For BPA In Aluminum Bottles

CEO apologizes company wasn't more clear.

Pfizer Pays $2.3 Billion For Marketing Fraud

Pharma giant pleads guilty to illegally marketing painkiller.

Seattle Voters Reject Bag Tax

Times just too tough in battle of economics versus eco-responsibility.

Product Safety Law In Place

Law designed to increase safety of chidlren's products.

EmbroidMe Franchise Files Lawsuit Against Ca.

Unredeemable IOU spurs lawsuit against state.

Health Care Bill A Concern For Small Businesses

Obama administration's plan making some feel ill.

Iowa Gift Ban Exempts Promo Products

Considered a win for the ad specialty industry.

Gov't Passes Tobacco Marketing Regulations

To restrict tobacco co's from advertising to kids.

CPSC Refuses To Grant Labeling Stay

Manufacturers required to mark children's products with tracking labels starting in August.

Vt. Sends Sweeping Gift Ban Bill To Gov.

State echoes laws recently passed by Me., Ma. and Mn.

Fl. Bill May Ease Promo Restrictions

Could allow home health care providers to solicit referrals.

Proposal Introduced To Amend Product Safety Law

Legislation aimed at easing mandates of CPSIA.

Law Review

Counselor's April cover story, a primer on new product safety regulations.

Supplier Announces CPSIA Compliance

Norwood retains consulting firm to comply with Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act.

Supplier Of Recalled Toy Bears Responds

Canada-based T.G. Industries talks to Counselor about recall.

CPSC And State Farm Recall Toy Bears

800,000 teddy bears recalled because of choking hazard.

Impact of New Safety Act Stretches Far

Sale of goods aimed at kids could have profound affect on industry.

California To Raise Sales Tax

Approves a 1% sales tax hike effective April 1.

One-Year Reprieve Granted To Product Safety Law

Children's toys and other items focus of legislation.

U.S.-Canada Cross-Border Business

Shipping across Canadian border can cause problems.

SEC Is Reportedly Investigating American Apparel

Allegedly almost went bankrupt before Christmas.

New Law Would Limit Healthcare Market Sales

Proposed law could limit sales to industry market.

Medical Tech Industry Enacts Gift Ban

World's largest assoc. recommends limited promos.

Industry Group Launches Product Safety Initiative

Group of industry companies form QCA.

Pharma Gift Ban Goes Into Effect

PhRMA begins new year with self-enforced prohibition of non-educational gift items.

Ariz. Law Squeezes License Plate Frames

$200 fine possible for residents covering state's name on license plate.

FDA Stands By BPA Ruling

Not changing its decision that bisphenol A (BPA) is safe in trace amounts.

Wal-Mart Toughens Standards For Apparel Suppliers

Demanding tougher quality-control standards.

Tennessee Tax Rankles Industry Firms

State has begun enforcing a sales- and use-tax regulation.

China Eases Monetary Policy

Altering its monetary policy in an attempt to fight inflation.

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