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Geiger Goes Green in ScottsdaleFrom "Success Stories"
By Jennifer Vishnevsky
June 2010

When Geiger (asi/202900) moved its Scottsdale, AZ, office into a new building, the company wanted to host an open house that could showcase the new office and generate some business. “With all the publicity on eco-friendly products, we felt a green open house would fit the bill,” says Laura Holt, vice president at Geiger. On March 17, 2010, they hosted the open house, drawing nearly 200 clients and prospects.

Sales professionals sent a “save the date” e-flyer, e-mail invitation and then followed up via telephone. “It was important to get a commitment from everyone to support the event,” says Holt. To select the items for the event, Geiger approached their gold and silver production partners to ask for participation. “In addition, I saw several items of interest at the ASI Show in San Diego,” she says. One item that made the cut was the “Get Green with Geiger” doormat.

The staff set up eco-friendly products in the showroom, all of which were priced. Staff also distributed spreadsheets to sales partners, listing supplier information and facts about what made the product green. Geiger also organized event goodie bags which featured numerous products, including shamrock-shape eco-magnets, recycled notebooks and all-natural lip balm.

The response to the day was incredibly positive in feedback and business. Tammie Blum, sales partner in the Scottsdale office, was able to turn in a $1,300 order for 300 Leed’s (asi/66887) eco-friendly totes, plus setup. Debi Stetson, sales partner in the Scottsdale office, followed up by giving a goodie bag to one of her clients who was thinking of doing something for Earth Day. Her client then requested pricing for two pens.

After the show, one of the attendees wrote in to a Geiger representative, “I am also sharing my goodie bag with everyone at the plant. I will be contacting you soon, as there are a few things that I am interested in for our tours and the team.”

Jim Habzda, vice president of sales and marketing for Geiger, also attended the event. “I have been to many open houses and end-user shows over the years with both Geiger and Norwood. The green open house was amongst the best I have ever been to. The collaboration and enthusiasm demonstrated was great,” he says.

BIZ TIP Pick the right eco-friendly items

One concern that distributors have is how to choose the right eco-friendly items for their promotions. Here are some ideas:

  • Go to ESP and type “eco-friendly” in idea section. 
  • Reach out to the suppliers that you have great relationships with and ask for their suggestions. “Many suppliers also have ‘green’ sections in their catalogs. That’s a good resource, as well,” says Holt.
  • Focus on variety. “Many of the eco-friendly items are small, so focus needs to be on mixing large items, such as beach towels and throws, to make the showroom balanced,” she says.
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